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Scorpion's latest motor, the M-4215-320kv, is aimed at large hexacopters and octocopters weighing up to nearly 15Kg

Logo for Scorpion Power System Limited This motor is from the high performance M series, is rated to over 1.1kW, and suitable for 6S to 10S LiPo packs

Scorpion M-4215-320kv motor for large UAVsPrimarily aimed at large scale UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) this motor can deliver over 3.6Kg of thrust using an 18x6 propeller and running on a 6S LiPo. It's ideal for large camera platforms, typically hexacopters or octocopters, and has been designed and constructed to minimise vibration.

Outside diameter is a fraction over 2" (51.2mm) and it's quite squat at 1.5" (38mm). As you might guess from the part number, it's a 320Kv motor, suitable for propellers ranging between a 15x5 and 18x6, and the shaft is 5mm.

Maximum continuous current is 30A. This motor is wound with single strands of 1.12mm diameter wire and although there's some discussion about the merits of single versus multiple strand winds, Scorpion must be confident that their methods are giving some gains. At only 6.8 ounces (223 gm) it's another example of the high power to weight ratio achievable with modern motor design.

Dimensions of the Scorpion M-4215-320kv brushless motor

Modern brushless motors (BLDC) are a fascinating if somewhat nerdy subject! For those of you who would like to find out more about how they actually work, the third link below is to an informative and easy to understand (well, I thought so...) overview from Texas Instruments.


Scorpion M-4215-320kv brushless motor Product page
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YouTube video of brushless motor theory (Texas Intruments)

Published: 23 Mar 2016

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